Schools/Daycares Insurance

Schools, Daycares, Summer Camps, and Education professionals are other industries that our Crystal Insurance team specializes in Insuring.  We have various Daycares, Schools, online Universities, Tutors, and Language/Vocational Institutions, insured at our agency, all operating within various jurisdictions in the DC, MD, and VA areas that we have Insured for several decades now.  Thru the years, of working closing with these businesses, we have a deep understanding of the different Insurance requirements and procedures these local jurisdictions have for them to get licensed and accredited. So, we can be a valuable resource to advise our clients on what Insurance coverages to purchase and consider to not only get their License but also help educate them on any other Insurance policies and coverages to consider covering any gaps they may have.

As Independent Agents and Brokers, we would market and quote your Business with several Carriers, that have designed Insurance policies specific to cover the risks inherent in the Education Industry like General Liability, Professional Liability, Sexual Abuse, Molestation coverage, First- and Third-Party Discrimination and competitively priced Workers Compensation to cover injuries to not only your employees but also your Volunteers.  Further, our Employee Benefits Division can assist you with designing the appropriate employee benefits program that will serve to attract and retain valuable employees. This division can assist your small business by offering coverage through major carriers such as CareFirst, UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, Anthem, and Kaiser Permanente along with a section 125 plan to reduce payroll taxes and workers comp expenses while providing your employees with the coverage that they need and expect for Group Health, Dental & Vision.  We can also assist with Group Life, Short- & Long-Term Disability as well as Accidental Death & Dismemberment Policies on a Voluntary or Employer-Sponsored basis with Mass Mutual, Lincoln Financial, and The Hartford Employee Benefits.