Medical Facilities/Senior, Assisted Living Insurance

As Agents & Brokers, Crystal Insurance has been protecting local Medical Facilities for over 10 + years. We have partnered and contracted with Medically Specialized Insurance carriers such as Allied Health, Kinsale Insurance, USLI, Beazley USA, and many more to offer robust Medical Malpractice (Professional Liability) and General Liability packaged together under one policy to keep insurance costs lower and streamline processes.  

We also have access to several markets to offer and quote competitive pricing for Worker's Compensation, with convenient Pay-as-you-go options to help with cash flow and avoid surprise audit bills.  As well as access to several companies that offer Industry Leading Cyber Liability Insurance to comply with HIPAA Insurance requirements and regulations if there is a Data Breach/Cyber-attack. And in the cases, where you are not sure if there was a Data Breach or Cyber Attack, they include client resources like Forensics Technicians that can analyze the situation, confirm the extent of the attack, and Consultants to advise on the next steps of action to protect your clients and your business. Lastly, we can also several different options for protecting the Medical Facility's Business Property, including their premises if they happen to own their building, Computer Systems, Medical Equipment, and Furniture.  

Due to the ever-changing situations, that Medical Facilities face in today's climate, we offer Quarterly and Bi-Annual reviews with our customers to make any adjustments needed midterm, to ensure that their insurance program, billing plans, and coverages are up to date and reflective of any changes needed.

Further, our Employee Benefits Division can assist you with designing the appropriate employee benefits program that will serve to attract and retain valuable employees. This division can assist your small business by including coverage through major carriers such as CareFirst, UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, Anthem, and Kaiser Permanente along with a section 125 plan to reduce payroll taxes and workers comp expenses while providing your employees with the coverage that they need and expect for Group Health, Dental & Vision.  We can also assist with Group Life, Short- & Long-Term Disability as well as Accidental Death & Dismemberment Policies on a Voluntary or Employer-Sponsored basis with Mass Mutual, Lincoln Financial, and The Hartford Employee Benefits.

Examples of Medical Facilities we work well with, Physicians' Offices, Senior Living Facilities, Respite Care Centers, Home Care/Home Nursing businesses, Mental Healthcare Facilities, Psychologists/Therapist offices, Dentists, Surgeon's offices, Veterinarians, and many more.

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